Workplace Consultancy


Tétris-bluu's workplace consultancy guides you through your fit out from the earliest stages. When you begin thinking about refurbishing your existing office or relocating to new premises, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current work practices to determine how effectively your organisation is using its space.

We begin by meeting with your designated team and department heads and undertaking staff surveys in order to gain a clear understanding of your exact requirements.

Areas we investigate include:

  • Day to day activities/movements of staff
  • Desk usage
  • Departmental interaction
  • Storage requirements
  • Importance of teamwork
  • Meeting room requirements
  • Means of communication
  • Use of technology
  • Privacy/quiet working requirements

Once we have gathered this information and evaluated your needs, we make recommendations for ways in which you can optimise your office’s efficiency. For example, if we discover that 50% of desks are unoccupied for 60% of the day, we would recommend active hot desking solutions. Should you wish to relocate, our team will also work in partnership with you to select a new building in the right location for the right cost.

The advice we give is honest and impartial. Our aim is to reduce unnecessary expenditure and enable your organisation to function to its maximum potential.